The latest version of the Bandot testnet is online: the unsecured lending module has officially started its test phase. We would like to invite users to experience the new unsecured lending testnet.

Today, we have completed another important milestone. In the new version of the Bandot testnet, the unsecured lending…

The principle and original intention of Bandot community construction is to inspire every community member who has contributed to the ecological construction of the community. It is also to promote the important infrastructure construction of Bandot’s decentralized development.

In order to promote the development of the community, Bandot designed an…

Project development update

1.Design mathematic library: accurately express and calculate the number of tokens, and support 10 ^ 18 decimal

2.Design liquidation mechanism

In development

1.Develop test chain integration for ink! contract support

2.Basic data structure, net value and single compound interest calculation

Bandot event

Bandot global ambassador project ongoing

Bandot started the…

Bandot Global Ambassador Project

Join Bandot global community and be rewarded!

Spots are open for different regions: US, Europe, Vietnam, Turkish, Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia ……you tell us.

What is Bandot and the Global Ambassador Project?

Bandot is a new liquidity aggregation platform features an innovative cross-chain unsecured lending built…

Technique development

  1. Bandot is going to launch a new official website UI, bringing a brand new Roadmap
  2. Designed the protocol’s interest rate calculation model, the protocol’s optimal capital utilization rate, to ensure the normal withdrawal of the capital pool in extreme cases
  3. Design a global health factor module model
  4. Build a contract operating platform

Technical research

  1. Prototype optimization of lending process.
  2. The role model of each token in the process is sorted out.

About Bandot

Bandot is an unsecured lending system dedicated to building a new paradigm liquidity aggregation platform. In the current DeFi infrastructure, combined with cross-chain features, multi-level innovative design, including multi-ecological cross-chain transfer bridge, ecological stable currency swap center, vAMM liquidity strategy, cross-chain unsecured lending, etc.

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