The test network development of Bandot’s core product — lending product is about to be completed.

In this product market, users can deposit specific encrypted assets to earn interest, or pay certain interest to borrow some encrypted assets.

At present, the basic functions of the test network include:

  1. Deposit
  2. Withdraw
  3. Borrow
  4. Repay
  5. Liquidation
  6. Delegate

which covers the essential functions in lending scenarios.

New features this week:

  1. Get current deposit interest
  2. Get current lending interest
  3. Get health factors of the users
  4. Acquisition of liquidatable assets
  5. bug fix
  6. lending pool error fix
  7. update lending pool status

testnet code update

After intensive development…

Project development update

1.Design mathematic library: accurately express and calculate the number of tokens, and support 10 ^ 18 decimal

2.Design liquidation mechanism

In development

1.Develop test chain integration for ink! contract support

2.Basic data structure, net value and single compound interest calculation

Bandot event

Bandot global ambassador project ongoing

Bandot started the global ambassador recruitment in overseas communities. This Ambassador project is a one-year long international community development campaign. The ambassador project was open to North America, Europe, Vietnam, South Korea, India, Turkey, Japan and other countries.

In the past week, Bandot has received more than 150 ambassadors from various countries and…

Bandot Global Ambassador Project

Join Bandot global community and be rewarded!

Spots are open for different regions: US, Europe, Vietnam, Turkish, Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia ……you tell us.

What is Bandot and the Global Ambassador Project?

Bandot is a new liquidity aggregation platform features an innovative cross-chain unsecured lending built on Substrate, which also integrates cross-chain smart token swap, unsecured lending and liquidity pool.

Bandot has accumulated popularity through its testnet on stable coin and lending in communities of China. Now it’s time to spread our news to more continents.

Global Ambassador Project will be a long-term partnership with regional…

Project development update

1.Bandot official website has been upgraded

Bandot has launched a new version of the official website

In addition to a brand new UI interface, the new official website has updated project investment institutions and partners, and released the latest roadmap.

Technique development

  1. Bandot is going to launch a new official website UI, bringing a brand new Roadmap
  2. Designed the protocol’s interest rate calculation model, the protocol’s optimal capital utilization rate, to ensure the normal withdrawal of the capital pool in extreme cases
  3. Design a global health factor module model
  4. Build a contract operating platform

Technical research

  1. Prototype optimization of lending process.
  2. The role model of each token in the process is sorted out.

About Bandot

Bandot is an unsecured lending system dedicated to building a new paradigm liquidity aggregation platform. In the current DeFi infrastructure, combined with cross-chain features, multi-level innovative design, including multi-ecological cross-chain transfer bridge, ecological stable currency swap center, vAMM liquidity strategy, cross-chain unsecured lending, etc.

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Technique development

1 Bandot’s new official website is launching soon, which will feature new design and technical roadmap. Currently, the frame structure of new official website has been built.

2 Designed the oracle module, using OCW to realize the oracle function.

Technical research

1 Ink! Contract storage lease fee model;

2 The cross-chain bridge solution for assets cross-chain from Ethereum to Polkadot;

3 Blockchain insurance project operation mechanism and business;

4 Patract Europa node sandbox tool, build the local debugging environment for contract environment;

Bandot Activity

[NFT MEET Polkadot nation tour] Hangzhou station

Bandot CMO Cora attended the NFT…

We are almost ready for the Bandot IDO! To help users that may be new to the IDO process, we’ve prepared a simple guide. Please note this guide is only for Bandot IDO Whitelist and Alpha Testnet participants.

IDO Time: Apr. 29th 9:00–21:05 (UTC+8)

Maximum Tranche: 150 USDT in $BDT

Bandot IDO Whitelist and Alpha Testnet participants:

BDT Contract Address: 0x216e9d8a521d93ec769635859c57938119fe5369

1. Ensure sure you are using your whitelisted ERC20 address wallet, and your wallet has at least 150USDT.
2. Ensure sure you have enough ETH (approximate 0.1ETH) to pay the gas fee for the transaction.
3. Make sure you are…

The latest version of the Bandot ALPHA testnet is online: The unsecured lending module has begun testing. We would like to invite users to experience the new unsecured lending testnet, and join our promotion activity to win an IBO whitelist allocation.

Initial Bandot Offering: Bandot first release will adopt a whitelist model.

In December last year, we launched a public test of the stablecoin mortgage module testnet and received support and feedback from a large number of users. Here, we want to thank everyone for their support.

Today, we have completed another important milestone. In the new version of the…

We are excited to announce the 30 winners of the airdrop event! Winners will receive BDTs before listing.

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Currently, SoftBank UK invested Bandot as strategic investment.

SoftBank was founded by Sun Zhengyi in 1981 and listed in Japan in 1994.
As a global comprehensive venture capital company, SoftBank’s investment fields cover traditional finance, technology innovation, artifical intelligence, etc. Rencently, SoftBank is seeking to invest valuable companies with strong growth potential in blockchain.

Bandot is Polkadot unsecured lending system, building a new paradigm of liquidity aggregation platform. Bandot had achieved millions of financing from a number of top blockchian venture capitals.

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