Bandot Achieved Millions of Financing

Bandot, a DeFi aggregation platform in the Polkadot ecosystem, successfully completed the private round investment backed by Candaq, NGC, Dealean, SNZ, Cabin VC, AU21, Labs, Lancer Capital, PNYX, Dorahacks, Zonff partners, Altonomy, Hotbit, Oasis, YBB, AngelONE, Crypto Venture Capital, ZB Capital, IPFSMAIN, Glock Ventures, Polkafund, Polkadot Club, etc.

Since 2019, Bandot is committed to creating an unsecured stablecoin lending system on Polkadot. In December 2020, Bandot launched Guru, a cross-chain asset bridge developed on Ethereum, and cooperated with HBTC to launch the first Staking airdrop activity. Approximately 523.64 HBTC entered the Guru platform, and the total staking amount was $17.28 million. On January 22, 2021, Bandot launched Pandora, the first version of the stablecoin testnet. 1,182 users participated in the 2-week testnet activity.

In 2021, Bandot will launch the Swap testnet, prepare the Polkadot slot auction and focus on the development of the unsecured lending platform.

About Bandot

Bandot is Polkadot’s stablecoin unsecured lending system, building a new paradigm of liquidity aggregation platform. Bandot is an innovatively designed cross-chain DeFi aggregation platform to provide users with maximum asset liquidity and providing unprecedented convenience in lending and stablecoin exchanging.




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