Bandot Global Ambassador Project Official Launch

Bandot Global Ambassador Project

Join Bandot global community and be rewarded!

Spots are open for different regions: US, Europe, Vietnam, Turkish, Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia ……you tell us.

What is Bandot and the Global Ambassador Project?

Bandot is a new liquidity aggregation platform features an innovative cross-chain unsecured lending built on Substrate, which also integrates cross-chain smart token swap, unsecured lending and liquidity pool.

Bandot has accumulated popularity through its testnet on stable coin and lending in communities of China. Now it’s time to spread our news to more continents.

Global Ambassador Project will be a long-term partnership with regional community managers and active members. We are looking for the ones who are interested in expanding Bandot community in your countries or regions, and make a successful project with us together.

What we expect Global Ambassador to do in your local community

Create and manage regional Telegram group of Bandot

Organize online meetups, AMAs, or other events for your local communities

Coordinate collaborations with high-quality projects

Translate work from Bandot into your local languages

Contribute original content on Bandot, including but not limited to articles, videos, memes, etc.

How to apply

Fill in the application google form:

After application received, our team will contact you via email or telegram and arrange a call to go through details.


A rich bounty will be distributed according to the workload of Ambassadors through a year.

Ambassador will have priority in applying for the Bandot unsecured lending DAO node in the near future if qualified.

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