Bandot-October Project Progress Report

01.Bandot community activities

a.On October 11th (Sunday), Bandot participated in the Polkadot’s “Golden Salon” in Beijing Station.

b.On October 18th (Sunday) bandot participated in the Polkaverse Polkaverse All Things Growth Event. In the event round table, they discussed with ChianX, Darwinia, and OpenSuare on “Parallel chains are coming online soon. Is it necessary to join the auction?”

c.October 19 (Monday) Bandot will participate in the Golden Salon-When DeFi meets NFT, will it be the next hot spot? offline activity.

d.On October 23 (Friday), Bandot will participate in the Golden Flash Week, Polkadot Eco-Roadshow Online Roadshow. During the event, it mainly introduces Bandot and reports on the development progress of Bandot.

e.On October 25 (Sunday) Bandot will participate in the 2020 Blockchain All Things Growth Conference. In the Defi roundtable dialogue event, we will discuss with other project parties such as Kava, Maizie Wallet, Bifrost, the old and new worlds, conflicts and integration.

02.Bandot project development roadmap

a.Project development in October:

b.Project development content in November:





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