Bandot Weekly Report(5.3–5.7)

Technique development

1 Bandot’s new official website is launching soon, which will feature new design and technical roadmap. Currently, the frame structure of new official website has been built.

2 Designed the oracle module, using OCW to realize the oracle function.

Technical research

1 Ink! Contract storage lease fee model;

2 The cross-chain bridge solution for assets cross-chain from Ethereum to Polkadot;

3 Blockchain insurance project operation mechanism and business;

4 Patract Europa node sandbox tool, build the local debugging environment for contract environment;

Bandot Activity

[NFT MEET Polkadot nation tour] Hangzhou station

Bandot CMO Cora attended the NFT MEET Polkadot nation tour in Hangzhou on 7th of May, which is hosted by ChainInside、NFTBase and PolkaBase, and co-hosted by POW and PWER. In the panel discussion of “what surprises can the Polkadot ecology bring to NFT”, Cora stated that NFT can realize asset on-chain, and Bandot platform combined with NFT will be the future development direction of DeFi to a certain extent.

ConsenSys Codefi Webinar

Bandot has been invited to attend ConsenSys Codefi Webinar which will hold on 13th of May. The topic of this event is ‘Financial Inclusion, Advanced by Digital Currencies’, the topics of which include progress of crypto adoption across emerging markets; the digital currency ecosystem: who are the key stakeholders and what are their roles; and what payment service providers are doing to prepare for the growing adoption of digital currencies.